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MINIMUN RENTAL CHARGE: The minimum rental charge is 1 day/24 hours.
DRIVING LICENSE POLICY: Client must have a valid driving license active for at least 2 years. For some categories limits are higher.
  • Minimum driver’s age: 21 years old
  • Maximum driver’s age : 72 years old
  • Young driver = between 18 and 21 years old. Young driver fee 3 EUR per day, Max 30 EUR per rental period.
  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR RENTAL: Client must present 2 identification documents (passport/id card and driving license) and valid credit card.


    Our rates include services and extras which are FREE of charge:
  • WINTER TIRES - Available from 15 Nov – 15 Apr
  • SNOW CHAINS – On request
  • DELIVERY IN CITY LIMITS - Free of charge during office working hours Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00
  • ROAD ASSISTANCE – included in price but road assistance caused by driver negligence or unnecessary and false calls which cause our agents to lose time and resources will be charged 20 EUR.
  • VAT
  • COLLISION DAMAGE (CDW): Covers the vehicle’s liability with a deductible amount. Contact our team for amounts.
    CDW does not provide any coverage concerning damages provoked at the underside parts of the vehicle, inside part of the vehicle-saloon, wind shields, mirrors and tires.
    The police report should always be supplemented so that the insurances’ covers will be in effect. In case of car accident and damages police report is mandatory. Without police report the client takes full responsibility for damages.


    FULL INSURANCE or SCDW: Minimizes client’s responsibility to 0 EUR. Client pays daily rate which depends on a car category. POLICE REPORT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL INCIDENTS. Driver’s negligence is not covered (driving under influence, reckless driving...)
    SCDW amounts:
  • For car categories A, A1, B, B1 = 5 EUR PER DAY
  • For car categories D, E, K = 7 EUR PER DAY
  • For car categories F = 8 EUR PER DAY
  • For car categories H, I, L = 13 EUR PER DAY


    OUT OF OFFICE HOURS SERVICE IN INT’L AIRPORT: Cost 20 EUR: working hours are Mon-Sun 09:00 to 22:00
    OUT OF OFFICE HOURS SERVICE IN ALL CITY STATION: Cost 20 EUR: working hours are Mon-Sun 09:00 to 22:00


    ONE WAY INTERNATIONAL: delivery or collection of vehicles to an international location. TBD – depends on a location, on request
    ONE WAY NATIONAL: delivery or collection of vehicles to other national locations. TBD – depends on a location, on request
    ONE WAY TO OUR LOCATION: In case the driver wishes to drop off the vehicle in a different Euro Rent a Car location
  • If rental period is MORE than 3 days than one way is free to another Euro Rent a Car location.
  • If rental period is LESS or EQUAL to 3 days than a fee applies: Charge of 40 EUR
  • *The rates above include VAT.


    CHILD/BABY SEAT (CS, BS): Daily Charge: 5.00 EUR for all car groups.
    GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM - GPS: Daily Charge: 5.00 EUR for all car groups
    LAGGUAGE RACK- LR: Daily Charge: 20. 00 EUR per day for all car groups
    Client is responsible for rented equipment and will be charged in case of damage or lost equipment.
    *The rates above include VAT.
    REFUELING CHARGES: Same to same. All vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel recorded at the checkout time. In cases when the vehicle is returned with less fuel than the amount at the checkout time customer must pay the difference. Refuelling service fee also apply, cost 10€.
    CAR TYPES: All car types that are mentioned are suggestive models and are subject to change with similar models at the Renter΄s discretion. Euro Rent a Car does not guarantee an exact model of the car but a category of the car.


    SECURITY DEPOSITS (SD): At the time of pick up client must present a valid credit card. The deposit amount will be authorized on client’s credit card but not debited from the account. Deposit is intended to cover additional rental costs such as driver’s negligence.
    Deposit must be taken in the same amount as deductible/excess for each car category. If a client returns a vehicle in the same condition and no other fees apply deposit will be unblocked the same day. It might take 2-7 business days for deposit amount to be again available on client’s credit card.
    PAYMENTS: Methods of payment – all major credit cards are accepted or cash. We do not accept debit cards or checks.


    VEHICLE - The vehicle should be used only by the renter or other additional drivers mentioned on the rental agreement. The vehicle is prohibited to be used, for towing other vehicles, in order to transport heavy objects or baggage, flammable materials, or smelly objects, to be used outside asphalt road network, under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances, for transportation via boats or cross border rentals without a prior written authorization from Euro Rent a Car agent.
    DRIVERS NEGLIGENCE – Client is responsible for any cost and fees accrued because of driver’s/client’s negligence such as fee for opening locked vehicle, re-fuelling cost, traffic violations, damages and service fees due to negligence.
    Insurance does not cover driver’s negligence and the client is held responsible for all damages listed below:
  • Damage to a third party or to the rented vehicle due to driving under influence of drugs or alcohol or inappropriate and reckless driving.
  • Loss of any equipment, vehicle keys or vehicle documents
  • Damage to the interior of the vehicle, tires, lower base of the vehicle, the shift lever and clutch
  • Damage which was done by an unauthorized driver
  • Any damages done to the vehicle which was not reported to the police
  • Damage to the engine due to reckless driving and negligence
  • Damages caused by use of wrong fuel type
  • Theft of the vehicle if client does not return keys of the vehicle
  • Speeding, parking or other traffic fines incurred during the rental period
  • REPORTING DAMAGES, ISSUES.. - Client must contact Euro Rent a Car agent in case of any damage, accident, mechanical failure or a need for part replacement.
    CLEANING VEHICLE - Vehicles returned in bad condition and dirty in the interior will be charged for special cleaning fee of 10-50 EUR.


    REPORTING ACCIDENTS: all accidents even minor must be reported to Euro Rent a Car agent. In case of any accident or damage to the car police must be contacted and police report obtained. POLICE REPORT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL INCIDENTS.
    VEHICLE DOCUMENTS: Client must keep vehicle documents safe and return all documents back upon vehicle drop off. Fee for lost documents = 250 EUR.
    VEHICLE KEYS: Fee for lost keys 250 EUR
    NEGLIGENCE: Insurance does not cover any damages caused by driver’s negligence.
    REFUND: No refund will be given for any unsused time, services or equipment.
    EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT: client must report any damages and accidents to the police and our agents. Repairs or replacing parts of the vehicle must be done only by an authorized service with prior consent from our agents. A refund of costs is done with presenting the bill from the authorized service where the repair was performed.